"The problem with people who say monsters don't really exist is that they're almost never saying it to the monsters."
                    -- Alice Healy

Welcome to Monsters Here & There!

Monsters Here & There is a collection of marvelous and bizarre creatures and beings gathered from the depths of history and the span of the globe. Some are claimed to be real, others as entertaining folklore; and every single creature has, at one time or another, been considered important enough to be remembered. After all, monsters are important... otherwise, people wouldn't still be reporting them! Of course, the monsters people report change over time, as the ideas about what a monster is also change.

        Monsters Here & There gathers these tales, new and old, for the delight and thrill of all. Find out what the true story is behind each bizarre being; if it's real, fake, or somewhere in-between, what it looks like, how to deal with it, and how the stories told about them have changed over time. Come explore a world of, well... Fantastic Beasts!


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