The ’Bat Fairy’

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Area(s) Reported: Chicora, Pennsylvania, United States
Date(s) Reported: Summer 2005

During the summer of 2005, a person only identified as "J.F." claimed he and his girlfriend were part of a group of people hanging out at a house in Chicora, Pennsylvania, USA. It was a quiet evening; the house was set in a thick wooded area, and the group had watched the sun go down from the back deck. Around ten at night the group heard a 'tink' noise come from the pots and plants sitting on the deck under the spotlight. Everyone looked over to see what woodland critter was there. As they turned, something shot up into the air from the pots. The first impression J.F. had of the something was that it was either an enormous moth or a bat... but when the wings opened, he knew he was wrong.

It was a small human figure with "very long, pointy ears," and butterfly-shaped wings that appeared to be membranous skin like bat wings... with the spotlight behind the foot tall figure, the veins in the wings were clearly visible. It had a soft greenish glow all around it. The creature then fluttered, like a butterfly, across the table between J.F. and his friends a little above their heads, and then vanished into the dark woods... in all, they had observed the creature for about seven to ten seconds.

Did the "bat fairy" have a face? J.F. didn't say it did, nor did he draw that in his sketch of the tiny creature... but for how quickly it took off, and the fact it had a spotlight behind it, maybe J.F. just didn't get a good look. We won't know for sure unless someone else sees it now!

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