Yogen no Tori [ヨゲンノトリ]: The Bird of Prophecy

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Area(s) Reported: Shirayama, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Date(s) Reported: December 1857

When the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum re-introduced the world to the 'Yogen No Tori' [ヨゲンノトリ] -- the "Bird of Prophecy" -- a Japanese monster reported in 1857 whose very image was believed to help against the worldwide cholera pandemic of that year. Soon after the museum's post of the Yogen No Tori artists started producing their own new and original takes on the ancient monster, clearly hoping the two-headed crow could still help the world by fighting the coronavirus! The Yogen no Tori, however, faces some questions regarding its actual history...

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