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Just about any real dragon fan will quickly tell you that a "Wyvern" or "Wivern" is the name for a winged dragon with just two legs. Of course, that's not exactly the same as knowing -why- they're called that... or when people -started- to call them that... details, details.

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Here's some art including this monster! Some might have been sent in by fans or might be historic images of the critters, and some could be my extra monstery doodles... just click on a thumbnail to get a better look!
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  • The Irish Compendium: or, Rudiments of Honour, Vol. IV (third edition), by Francis Nichols, 1735 London, England. Online: Click here!
  • A Complete Body of Heraldry, Vol. 2, by Joseph Edmondson, 1780 London, England. Online: Click here!
  • Medieval Bestiary: Dragon, website, viewed 1-2010. Online: Click here!


1658: Edward Topsell: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:WingedDragon.jpg

The book itself: https://archive.org/details/historyoffourfoo00tops/page/704

Good for Lamia, mantichora, and a few others.





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