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Area(s) Reported: South America: Chile & Peru
Date(s) Reported: ??? to Present

Legends from Chile and Peru tell of people whose heads can separate from their bodies and fly away, either using enlarged ears as wings or by transforming into a bird. It's also said that the call of these 'Chonchoñ' when heard at night is an omen of an upcoming death to those that heard them. From what I've seen of the original legends, though, this monster isn't that simple... there's more to tell!

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Here's some art including this monster! Some might have been sent in by fans or might be historic images of the critters, and some could be my extra monstery doodles... just click on a thumbnail to get a better look!
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  • Psicolojía del pueblo araucano, By Tomás Guevara, 1908 Santiago de Chile. Pg. 341-342. Online: Click here!




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