An Uncomfortable Encounter

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Area(s) Reported: Chainat Province, Thailand
Date(s) Reported: April 5~6, 2017

Mr. Narin Worapho was seen standing out in front of his house by a neighbor around 10pm on either April 5 or April 6, 2017 -- the neighbor wasn't exactly sure which night it was. Worapho seemed "pale and sad"; they tried to greet him, but when he didn't respond they assumed something was bothering him and just headed home.

Worapho, a 62-year-old math teacher that had retired two years previously, was discovered dead in his home just a few days later on April 9. Neighbors had called police to report a foul smell coming from the two story house, and when the police found the door locked from the inside and got no response, they broke in... and discovered Worapho's body hanging from the rafters of the home on an improvised noose just a few feet from the door. A note had been left behind, addressed to Worapho's younger brother and asking simply that he be cremated with no ceremony. It was supposed that Worapho had been depressed over the death of his mother and the loneliness of his retirement, and therefore decided to end his life. An autopsy showed that no other violence had been done to him, so it was a clear case of death by hanging... except.

Worapho's body was black and purple, due to advanced decomposition. Based on this and the fluids that had been released by the corpse over time, it was estimated he had been dead for at least ten days. So who or what had the neighbor seen three or four days earlier in front of the house?

The neighbor seems to have taken a practical approach to the situation; once they understood the full strangeness of the encounter, they rushed to the funeral home to apologize to Worapho's corpse for not having done something sooner.

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  • SECONDARY SOURCE: "Ghost of dead maths teacher appears to ask for help, says neighbor," article in the Thai Visa News website, posted 4-10-2017, viewed 11-29-2017. Online: Click here!

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