The Thing in the Stall

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Area(s) Reported: New Zealand
Date(s) Reported: September, 2008

In 2008, a thirteen-year-old from New Zealand named Lovale reported a strange incident in the Your Ghost Stories website that they claimed had just occurred in September of that year. Lovale said they were at a summer camp where rumors were going around about there being a ghost in one of the toilets... which Lovale thought was likely the funniest idea they'd ever heard. But on one night in particular around midnight, Lovale had to use the toilet, quite urgently; the rules said Lovale had to take a friend so they didn't go to the restroom alone, but Lovale was unable to wake anyone and eventually gave up trying. With flashlight in hand, Lovale headed off to the toilet alone. Every stall seemed empty but there was one stall that was locked, so Lovale assumed someone else was there also and picked a stall next to the locked one.

        As soon as Lovale occupied the stall, there was a loud banging on the wall from the stall next to them; Lovale shouted "would you please stop doing that?!," and the banging soon stopped. But then came a different noise... whoever was in the next stall was trying to climb over the wall! Strangely horrified, Lovale saw black hair appear at the top of the wall separating the two stalls. For an unknown length of time the hair was visible -- Lovale said "I swear it felt like forever until it disappeared" -- at which point Lovale pulled up their shorts and ran screaming from the bathroom, waking up the camp. Everyone calmed Lovale down enough for them to describe what had happened, at which the camp staff became very quiet. The staff then told all of the campers something they had been hiding from them: four years earlier a girl had died in that very stall in the restroom, and her body had been undiscovered for five days until the smell made someone look under the door.

        Lovale left the camp the next day.

        Did it all really happen? We only have just the one report posted by Lovale, so it's hard to say... but it's still a great ghost story!

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  • "It Was Trying to Climb Over the Toilet Door," by Walangk3, story posted on the Your Ghost Stories website, posted November 25, 2008, viewed August 8, 2014. Online: Click Here!

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