A Flower Fairy

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Area(s) Reported: England (possibly the town of Bath)
Date(s) Reported: Sometime previous to May 1977

In 1977, English painter Cythia Montefiore wrote to the American magazine FATE to share an intriguing encounter she and her mother had experienced in her mother's garden.

        Montefiore's mother was showing her the proper way to take cuttings from a rose tree, when she suddenly put a finger up to her lip to signal her daughter to be quiet. Then she pointed to one of the blooms on the rose tree.

        There, hovering in front of the bloom, was a small female figure held aloft by vibrating dragonfly-like wings. The little woman was only about six inches tall, with pale pink limbs that could be seen through her thin clothes. She had long silvery hair, "which resembled an aura."

        For about two minutes Montefiore and her mother watched intently as the small figure fluttered before the bloom, pointing a small wand with a glowing tip at the heart of the flower... then she just disappeared.

        Understandably, both women completely forgot about the rose cuttings.

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  • "Of Fairies and Gnomes," by Cynthia Montefiore, article in FATE Magazine, Iss. 326 (Vol. 30, No. 5), May 1977. Pgs. 52-53.

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