Friendly Monsters: Helpful and Beneficient Beings

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As I've stressed in my introduction to the site -- which most people probably never read (it's here, folks) -- not all monsters are big, scary, and dangerous. A LOT ARE, mind you... but not all.

I define a monster as any creature, animal, or being that displays abilities outside of what is considered normally possible by the people who talk about it; and that includes a lot of nice critters! For examples: Biblical Angels can be either spirits or humans at will, the Japanese Baku eats nightmares, and the Sandman brings wonderful dreams to good kids. All of these beings can do what's impossible for humans, and do it for a good cause.

So, because it could be really helpful to know what monsters are out there to actually help and protect you, here's a list of the friendly monsters catalogued in Monsters Here & There!

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